Marriage To Perc Westmore

Perc Westmore and Gloria 

In 1937 Gloria met make-up artist Perc Westmore during her first day on the Warner Brothers lot. They were married in Santa Barbara on June 18, 1938. It was her first marriage and his third. Unfortunately the couple had a very rocky relationship. Perc often cheated on Gloria and he had a drinking problem. He also wanted Gloria to look more glamorous so she could play femme fatale roles. Perc convinced her to have cosmetic surgery on her nose which drastically changed her looks. During their marriage Gloria began to drink heavily. The couple separated in January of 1940. One month later Perc told the press that Gloria was missing.

Gloria and Perc Westmore

She was found a few days later visiting friends in Nebraska. Gloria was furious that Perc had embarrassed her publicly. She was granted a divorce in June of 1941 on the grounds of cruelty. Gloria later said “I shouldn't have married him in the first place. It was just one of those things. Perc was having trouble arranging his material for a radio show, and I knew quite a bit about radio, and I helped him, and we went on from there. I felt he needed me, and I'm the sort of person who has to be needed.” Perc Westmore died in 1970 at the age of sixty-five.