Gloria's Films & Where To Watch Them

Gloria appeared in twenty-three films between 1937 and 1944. Here is a list of all her movies and where you can watch them ...


 Rationing (Miss McCue)


The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (Mrs. Keppler / Evelyn Fenton Cartwright)

Lady of Burlesque (Dolly Baxter) * WATCH IT *

Power of the Press (Edwina Stephens)


The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine / Unforgotten Crime (Cleo Arden) * WATCH IT *


Hedda Hopper's Hollywood (Herself) * WATCH IT *

Mercy Island (Leslie Ramsey)

The Big Boss (Sue Peters)


This Thing Called Love (Florence Bertrand)

I Want a Divorce (Wanda Holland) * WATCH A SCENE *

 Tear Gas Squad (Jerry Sullivan)

King of the Lumberjacks (Tina Martin Deribault)


Private Detective (Mona Lannon)

On Your Toes (Peggy Porterfield)

No Place to Go (Gertrude Plummer)

 The Cowboy Quarterback (Evelyn Corey)

Waterfront (Ann Stacey)

They Made Me a Criminal (Peggy) * WATCH IT *


Heart of the North (Joyce MacMillan)

Secrets of an Actress (Carla Orr) * WATCH A SCENE *

Racket Busters (Nora Jordan) * WATCH A SCENE *

Gold Diggers in Paris (Mona Verdivere) * WATCH A SCENE *


Talent Scout (Blonde on Bus)

They Won't Forget (Sybil Hale) * WATCH A SCENE *