Gloria's Films & Where To Watch Them

Gloria appeared in twenty-three films between 1937 and 1944. Here is a list of all her movies and where you can watch them ...


 Rationing (Miss McCue) * WATCH THE TRAILER *


The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (Mrs. Keppler / Evelyn Fenton Cartwright) * WATCH A SCENE *

Lady of Burlesque (Dolly Baxter) * WATCH IT *

Power of the Press (Edwina Stephens) * WATCH A SCENE *


The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine / Unforgotten Crime (Cleo Arden) * WATCH IT *


Mercy Island (Leslie Ramsey)

The Big Boss (Sue Peters)

Hedda Hopper's Hollywood (Herself) * WATCH IT *


This Thing Called Love (Florence Bertrand)

I Want a Divorce (Wanda Holland) * WATCH A SCENE *

King of the Lumberjacks (Tina Martin Deribault) * WATCH A SCENE *

 Tear Gas Squad (Jerry Sullivan)


Private Detective (Mona Lannon)

No Place to Go (Gertrude Plummer)

 The Cowboy Quarterback (Evelyn Corey)

Waterfront (Ann Stacey) * WATCH A SCENE *

They Made Me a Criminal (Peggy) * WATCH IT *

On Your Toes (Peggy Porterfield)


Heart of the North (Joyce MacMillan) * WATCH A SCENE *

Secrets of an Actress (Carla Orr) * WATCH A SCENE *

Racket Busters (Nora Jordan) * WATCH A SCENE *

Gold Diggers in Paris (Mona Verdivere) * WATCH A SCENE *


Talent Scout (Blonde on Bus)

They Won't Forget (Sybil Hale) * WATCH A SCENE *