Quotes From Gloria

Here are some rare quotes from Gloria ...

On her first screen test: "Well I figured I had something to offer. Of course I knew they might not like it but the only thing to do was step up there and show them what I had to sell. There wouldn't have been any sense of being unsure of myself."

On signing her contract with Warner Brothers: "Mother and I could hardly believe that I was suddenly really an actress. It had been my only ambition ever since I could remember. It seemed that all my dreams had come true when we moved to Los Angeles and I went to work studying parts, rehearsing one role during the day and playing another at night. I didn’t give a thought ever to playing in pictures. I didn’t have time!"

On being cast in The Won't Forget: "I was so happy I could hardly speak. I felt as if Christmas and my birthday and the Fourth Of July had all come together with sound effects."

 On money: "I save some of my money but not much. I’m living in a small home now with my mother, and I run my own roadster to and from the studio. So far, I haven’t gone in for any of the larger expenditures like buying a boat or building a swimming pool. The small things mount quickly enough. Clothes are my worst extravagance and costume jewelry's my secret sorrow and little cross. I can’t seem to keep from buying it, but I never wear it."

On her hair: "I really am determined to quit fussing with my hair. I’ve got a mania to try this rinse and that to get varying tones and shades. It's a lot of nonsense and a waste of time. I'm going to quit it."

On acting in High School: “It’s a funny thing, I was always afraid when I walked out onto the stage at school. My throat would get dry and my heart would pound like a hammer. I felt as if every one of these faces that made up the white blur beyond the footlights was just waiting to criticize me. Then, suddenly, it would all change. I’d start speaking my liens and I’d forget about the people. The next thing I’d notice would be the applause. It always seems to break over me like a golden wave.”