Gloria's Marriage To Ralph Murphy

Gloria and Ralph Murphy

In 1940 Gloria began dating Ralph Murphy, a director twenty-two years older than her. They met when Ralph directed Gloria in the drama I Want A Divorce. Ralph gave her a huge diamond ring and they were married in the Summer of 1941. Soon after they discovered the marriage wasn't legal because Gloria's divorce from Perc Westmore was not finalized. On October 10, 1941 Ralph and Gloria were legally married in Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately they had a very unhappy marriage. The couple fought a lot and Ralph cheated on Gloria. In February of 1943 she walked out on him. They tried to reconcile but Gloria decided to filed for divorce in 1944. In court she testified that Ralph would leave her home alone for days. Their divorce was granted in April of 1944. One month later Gloria married her third husband. Ralph never remarried. He passed away in 1967 at the age of seventy-one.